I'm back Blazers! We're celebrating this Friday night with ear exploding metal at the Dark Horse. With Endever, Uncommon Evolution and Universal f***in' Choke Sign!

Endever are a killer metal band out of Billings, Uncommon Evolution are Briar and the guys from Monkey & a Roast Beef Sandwich, this version of the band is much harder, and I hope by now you know damn well who UCS are.

Only a buck a band, $3 at the door, 21+, ass kicking begins at 9 p.m.

When asked if UCS would be humping giant bears on stage Hannah Montana style, drummer Dayv Drake promised "you bring 'em, we'll hump 'em". See you there!

Thanks to Kronos Kustoms, Altered Skin, Body Piercing by Paul and the poor bastard who has to swamp the Dark Horse.