Would you like to be in a bowling league, but have a hard time committing to a set day and time?

The "flex"-ible folks at Westside Lanes and Fun Center might have just the thing for you. With "Flex" bowling leagues, you ARE the team. For 12 weeks, Westside Lanes invites you to bowl when you want each week and still compete against everyone in your league. The Flex league will run October 5 through December 21. League fees are $15 per week, which includes shore rental, and you bowl three games each week.

Bowlers earn points for number of wins against other players. Prize funds will be paid out the week of December 21.  You can bowl anytime lanes are available but reservations are encouraged. Since Westside Lanes offers bowling from 9:00 a.m. - 2;00 a.m. daily, there ought to be some times that fit into even the busiest schedules.

Standings are updated each week and League must be paid for at the time of bowling. There's probably lots more you want to know, so call or stop by Westside Lanes, 1615 Wyoming Street, with your questions and to sign up.


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