Springtime in Montana is one of the best times of the year. The mountains are green, the sun is shining and warmer temperatures are arriving. However, for some Montanans, Spring can be a sad time of year. Because it is when avid skiers and snowboarders have to say "farewell" to another season of gracefully falling down a hill.

For some winter sports enthusiasts, it can be upsetting to see your favorite season come to an end. But, just remember, it isn't saying "goodbye," it is saying "see you later." This is why many gather every year for an end-of-season party that is wet and wild!

The annual SKIESTA event took place recently high on top of the mountain. Where tons of winter sports-loving whackos gathered to bid farewell to the season. And as always, they did it in style. April Fools Day 2023 was the final day of operation at Lost Trail Ski Area. You wouldn't really have noticed it was the end of the season, thanks to the spring snowstorms that continued to pound much of western Montana far past its usual date. But, that wasn't going to stop skiers and snowboarders from wearing their tie-dye shirts and goofy costumes and gliding across a frigid pool of water.

Footage has recently surfaced online showing just how CRAZY the 2023 Skiesta event was.

Just watching the video makes me want to go take a hot bath and drink hot cocoa. What a crazy way to send off another fun Montana season. Let's hope that all that participated in the pond skim event finally got all of the feeling back in their fingers and toes after this insane day.

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