Pay attention, America. It's time to drink up.

A new study has revealed which country drinks the most alcohol and here's some sobering news: the US ain't it.

Hold on to your souvenir Spring Break shot glasses that you're clearly not using because Tajikistan took the crown (royal) with 30 liters per capita among people who drink in that country, which you know you'd have more luck finding on a map when drunk than sober.

America landed in ninth place, with 13.2 liters. Maybe we're getting soft. Maybe bottled water and Powerade are more our speed. Or maybe we need to run down to the closest watering hole, open a tab and say, "Bourbon. And keep the bottle here."

The point is we're America and if we can show the world that we're able to eat to the point that obesity is a birthright then we can certainly go all Don Draper and knock back a few old-fashioneds to let everyone know that Mad Men is an inspiration to our inner imbiber.

Here are the 11 countries where people drink the most (why 11 we have no idea). It's based on per capita among people who drink:

1. Tajikistan - 30 liters
2. Russia - 22.3 liters
3. China - 15.1 liters
4. Ireland - 14.7 liters
5. Germany - 14.6 liters
6. Czech Republic - 14.5 liters
7. Australia - 13.8 liters
8. United Kindom - 13.3 liters
9. United States - 13.2 liters
10. Canada - 12.9 liters
11. France - 12.7 liters


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