I have been contemplating all week what kind of adventures my son and I are going to get into NEXT weekend. I enjoy simple basics like fishing, driving around the mountains and shooting guns. Last Father's Day was special, because I taught my son to shoot his .22. This Father's Day we might have to take "Daddy's" gun out to the hills.

Some people like to spend thousands on building a RAD gun. I have never been a fan of the amount of money it costs to build, let alone the cost of ammo. That is why I have slowly been pimping out my Ruger 10/22. Its cheaper than an AR-15 and it fun to shoot. Not to mention the ammo is cheaper.

For example, I would grin from ear to ear if given the opportunity to shoot a full auto 10/22. The people at GY6vids recently posted a example of what one looks like. Granted you are not going to be very accurate, but it sure looks like fun to shoot.

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