As if we don't have enough to worry about, here is something for your mind to dwell on.

I recently found myself in a conversation about the flooding we witnessed this past spring in Yellowstone National Park. We were discussing the impact the flooding had on tourism to not just the park, but the surrounding communities. But, soon the conversation took a dark turn and turned to the super volcano located below the park. With questions like, "Would we survive in Missoula if the volcano erupted?" or "What if China, Russia, Iran, or even North Korea managed to sneak a nuclear bomb into the park? Would it be enough to cause an eruption?"

It seems like we are living on top of a ticking time bomb. Some experts say the Yellowstone Super Volcano is due to erupt any day. While others say it won't erupt for thousands of years.

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The USGS estimates the probability at 1 in 730,000 in any given year. There's also a good chance that shifting tectonic plates in North America have eliminated the chance of an eruption altogether by forcing the magma hot spot under Yellowstone to encounter colder, energy-sapping rocks.

But, what if you dropped a bomb on top of the Yellowstone Caldera? You know, just to make the eruption process happen a little quicker?  Would it be enough to cause an eruption? Or would it be like throwing a firecracker into a frying pan?

Here is one theory:

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Widespread flooding wiped out roads, bridges, buildings, and powerlines throughout riverside communities from Yellowstone National Park and Paradise Valley to Red Lodge. The Yellowstone River winding through Billings crested Tuesday, June 14, 2022. At 11:30 a.m. the National Weather Service in Billings reported the river rose above flood stage and was forecasted to hit 14.7 feet, nearly hitting the 15-foot record set in 1997.

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