Some say the Holidays don't start until Hans Gruber falls from the Nakatomi Towers. Others say it isn't Christmas until Uncle Eddie empties the s#!tter. No matter what, odds are you throw on a holiday favorite while you decorate your family Christmas tree.

This weekend is going to be a great weekend to go a fetch your holiday tree. Bust out the decorations, and the lights, and get to work. But decorating the tree always requires the proper movie pairing. For me it is always a movie that you don't have to actually watch to know what is happening. That way you dont take your focus too much at the job of decorating. I usually lean towards movies that I have seen hundreds of times. Ones that I can almost recite verbatim. It is also a wise idea to knock some of the holiday "musical" type movies off of your watchlist, while hanging the bulbs on your tree.

With tons of options to choose from, out of the following choices which would you choose.
My yearly standby is always National Lampoons - Christmas Vacation. I have seen the movie so many times that you might as well just mute the TV and let me act it out for you.

As far as the "musical" type Christmas movies, I always manage to watch "A Nightmare Before Christmas" at least once, while in the process of holiday decorating.

No matter what you watch, make the tradition your own. And, have fun bringing the outside indoors this holiday season. Just make sure to check for squirrels.


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