Growing up in Montana, it is hard to imagine living elsewhere. Sure, some people think the grass is greener in a bigger city or another state. But, I have always noticed that Montana tends to have a "long umbilical cord." Some Montanans may roam elsewhere, but they always seem to gravitate back home. Until you get outside of Montana, you never really hear our slight accent. Or never really noticed our way of saying specific phrases or words. And when you hear someone point out your Montana accent or word choice, you are taken back slightly.

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When it comes to Montana accents, we do tend to have a somewhat Canadian flow with our words. No, we are not saying "EH" at the end of every sentence. But, we do tend to elongate our vowels. Especially our "O's." Or more specifically, the way we say words like BAG. It is said that most Montanans pronounce it BEG (even though I swear we don't do it as often as they say.)

Sometimes it can get annoying when people call out how we talk or phrases we tend to say. It is just how it is here in Montana. We have a different way of life and don't choose to speak the way people do in other states.

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