New technologies have tried to take down radio time and time again. But the BIG STICK still reigns supreme. Thanks to developments in our digital products, you can listen to 96.3 the Blaze anywhere. If you haven't downloaded our mobile app, YOU SHOULD...NOW!

Some of the new features of the app include an alarm clock that will wake you to the Free Beer and Hot Wings morning show. You can also communicate directly with either KC or Angel by submitting photo or video via the app. Not to mention APP EXCLUSIVE opportunities at prizes.

Take our latest contest for a 4 pack of Incubus tickets. Listeners, who downloaded the mobile app, gave us a look into their world. Think of it as a radio selfie. The only thing missing are those goofy ass filters and animations.....Hopefully coming soon.

CONGRATS TO TJ CROCKETT for Winning the Incubus tickets.

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