Montana loves its dogs - it seems like almost everyone in Missoula has at least one furry friend that they take around everywhere. Just yesterday, we took my girlfriend's sister's dog to get some ice cream for his birthday - and boy, was he the center of attention! No one can resist a dog eating ice cream in a party hat, that's just science.

A new study from Yappy has looked at over 300 dog breeds, trying to figure out which are the most likely to be spoiled by their owners. Yappy is a site that features gifts for dogs and cats, and allows users to create profiles to show off all the gifts they buy their pets.

They broke down each breed by state, and for Montana's most spoiled dog breed, we got... Siberian Husky! So if you're the owner of a Siberian Husky, congratulations, you probably spend too much money on them! (Although, you probably already figured that was the case.)

The most spoiled dog breed in the entire country was the Doberman, followed by the Whippet and the Great Dane - they even break it down even further and see which dogs with certain names get spoiled the most. The most common name for spoiled dogs is Charlie, by the way.

So there you have it! Do you think another dog breed should take the spot for Montana? I know a few people in this state could probably single-handedly change the results just by spoiling their own dog... not sure if anyone will attempt that challenge, but if you do, make sure to record it and post it online! The only thing people like more than spoiling their pets is watching videos of other people's pets on Facebook.

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