We all have the "one friend," who insists on wearing shorts and sandals in the middle of winter. No one knows why he does it, but the blistering cold doesn't seem to bother him. That is of course until the temperature drops to dangerous levels. A woman in Kazakhstan thought it would be a good idea to wear a mini-skirt and leggings for a night out on the town. Unfortunately the temperature was a little too chilly for her sexy outfit. The temperature was -40 Celsius. (Fun fact: -40 is the same in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. It is one of the only places the two scales meet.)

According to the Metro, a college student wore a pair of tights for protection against the bitter conditions – but still ended up with serious frostbite. Doctors released a photograph of the woman’s legs, showing large patches of her legs mottled purple with the condition, as a warning to others.

What was the coldest temperature you have been in? Did you dress properly, or were you a "dum-dum?"

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