The big day is almost here - the Griz facing off against the Bobcats at Washington-Grizzly Stadium for the 120th Brawl of the Wild. It's the final Griz home game of the season. It's the first time the game has been played in Missoula in three years. And even though ESPN's not gonna be covering it, the excitement level in town is still very high.

The game is completely sold out, so if you don't already have a ticket but you still want to participate in the fun, you'll have to find some other way to do that. Luckily, you will be able to watch it from home... if you have the right cable provider.

DISH Users Will Need To Find A New Place To Watch The Griz

It's been known for a while now that DISH users would not be able to watch the Brawl of the Wild - or any Griz games from this past season - because the satellite company recently parted ways with ROOT and AT&T Sportsnet, the two channels covering the game. The Missoulian has an article up now detailing the DISH users' struggle in finding alternate ways to watch the game.

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Those channels are available through Spectrum and DIRECTV, and you'll also be able to watch the game through streaming apps fuboTV and DIRECTV Stream.

And of course, there's going to be no shortage of bars in Missoula that will be playing the game this weekend, including the Thomas Meagher Bar and Tamarack Brewing, so you've got plenty of options.

Let's go Griz!

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