It is that time again. The longstanding tradition of "smack talk" before the big Brawl of the Wild game. A time when Montanans from border to border pick what side they are on and commence heckling the opposing team.

For Montana Grizzly fans, the art of making fun of Bobcat football and their fans has typically been easy. Especially during the era when the Griz held a 16-game win streak against MSU. Those sure were fun times. Times when making fun of Bobcat football was as easy as simply saying "poor bobcats."

During this era of the long Griz win streak, our friends Tom and Scott created a song that was not only fun for tailgate parties but also stuck in your head before, during, and after the game. True Griz fans know the song simply as the "Bobcats Still Suck Polka."

As Montanans, the Brawl of the Wild game has been the biggest game of the college football season. Regardless of how many wins each team racked up over the course of the season, there has always been one game that the teams have to win. Barring playing the National Championship Game, the annual meeting of Griz and Bobcats is the ONLY game that matters. And it can be seen when the players from each team play hard. Almost like it is the final game they will ever get to play.

CREDIT: Content Monkeys/Komodo Jone via YouTube
CREDIT: Content Monkeys/Komodo Jone via YouTube

Nearly a decade ago, rapper and UM alum Komodo Jones released a song that is guaranteed to get you pumped for the upcoming Brawl of the Wild game. Using footage from campus, a UM homecoming parade, and the student section at WA/GRIZ. The video for "Keep it Grizzly" sums up the kind of energy one would expect from a home game in Missoula. So get to practicing the "Grizzly Dance."

What It's Like To Journey Through Missoula During A Griz Game

 it's pretty wild to see Missoula just feel completely empty for a couple of hours.

Gallery Credit: Mike Smith

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