Let's be brutally honest, many bars in Missoula are in need of some desperate help. From arrogant managers, to over-serving bartenders, and even the most disturbing health code violations that somehow seem to get swept under the nasty welcome mats. Some local drinking establishments simply need to be shut down and sanitized from the ground floor on up, along with a come-to-Jesus moment for most, if not all, of the staff members.

And yet, they wonder why their bar stools remain empty...

Could it be that the tunnel-vision of some employees, management and owners are what stands between an uninhabitable establishment and a truly successful bar? More often than not, the problems of failing bars usually reside within the day-to-day operations and the fact that there is little to no training. Combine that with a lack of taking personal responsibility for the well-being of their customers, and sometimes alcohol even being served to the workers while on the clock and you have a guaranteed formula for failure.

It's time to open the eyes of the owners of bars in Missoula..

We are asking our readers to ANONYMOUSLY nominate the bar that is in need of a bar rescue. The one bar with the most votes will be submitted by our sister station 107.5 Zoo FM to Spike TV for possible consideration of appearing on the next season of its hit television show "Bar Rescue," featuring world famous nightclub expert Jon Taffer.

In the fields below, nominate the establishment you'd like to see improved. Again, this is 100% anonymous, and only your comments (not your name) may be shared in a future article. We will reveal the results next week.