Who is truly THE greatest rock band of all time? Or G.(R.)O.A.T., as we've been calling it for short on the air. Is it an old school, classic rock band that helped start metal, like Black Sabbath? A band that nearly every human on earth can appreciate, like Led Zeppelin? Or your personal favorite band, like System of a Down, or Korn?

Our Conflux Brewing G.(R.)O.A.T. bracket of 32 bands, 16 match-ups, will be open for voting on Monday, March 15th. You'll have all of next week to vote before we move on to our Sensational 16, with 8 match-ups, then on to the Awesome 8, with 4 match-ups, then Final Quatro and the Championship!

The Champion that you vote the Greatest Rock Band of All Time will be announced on April 5th, the same day our Cash Codes return. But we can't put together a bracket without you, sure we have the basics, like Metallica and Nirvana, but who do YOU need to see in the battle!? Use your 96.3 The Blaze app to submit the bands you want in the bracket, just use the "Message Us" button right there on the home page, see below. And don't forget to start voting on Monday! Big thanks to Conflux Brewing for supporting our endeavor to crown the Greatest Rock Band of All Time. They've got a rad burger and a beer deal during happy hour, it's $10 and the burger is rockin'!

Meanwhile, shows are starting to be announced again! Rockin' The Rivers is set for the weekend of August 12th, Zakk Wylde is headlining, find the full line up and get tickets here. And you know we're still holding out hope for the re-scheduled Guns 'n Roses at Washington-Grizzly stadium date!

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