A thousand bones.  That's 500 draft beers.  50 lap dances.  A month of rent.  Christmas paid for.  Concert road trip.  16 gas tank fill ups.

November means your chance to win cash every weekday.  $1000 every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday...and TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS every Thursday.  Listen for the "need some money!!" sounder and be caller #25 at 877-854-9467, we'll always warn you when it's coming up.  It's a lot like the past Sandals and Beaches contests we've done, and Missoulians really DO win, just ask Derek Smith and his family who won a Jamaican vacation to Beaches resorts, and Megan Senn who went to the Sandals in Turks & Caicos!

Somebody WILL win $10,000 online before Christmas...it should totally be YOU.  Enter as many times as you want hereFrom The Holiday Inn Express, Triple Play Family Fun Center, and Raptor Reef Water Park...(been there a thousand times, if you have kids, it's a MUST visit!)...just North of Coeur d' Alene.

Good Luck!  Have questions?  Email angel@963theblaze.com

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