Winter is finally showing itself, and it is not the last we are going to see of the fluffy white stuff. Funny how we all tend to forget what living life with snow is like. The chaos that is the roads when the snow starts flying. The lack of maintenance when we have gone months not having to be on the working end of a snow shovel. Snow has arrived and odds are it isn't going anywhere unless you remove it yourself. As magical as snow is, the chore of clearing it is a pain. If you are smart about how you remove it, you can clear it up in a jiffy.

Next time there is a light accumulation of powder, whip out the card table and get to work.

There are other great ways to remove snow with a table. You can not only clear your driveway but also clear the entire neighborhood street. All you need is some tow straps or ropes to attach a folding table to your car. Next thing you know, you are the neighborhood hero.

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Don't even get me started on the most efficient and most MONTANA way to get rid of snow in your driveway. Just think, what is ice and snow's worst enemy? FIRE! Simply bust out your flame thrower or propane torch, and you are fighting the elements in the most badass way.

What other great ways have you discovered to remove snow? Any tips or tricks you can share?

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