Mother Nature needs to take her medication. She is having a rollercoaster of emotions this Spring. So far the timing of all of her tantrums has been impeccable. Weather has thrown a wrench into many of my plans this Spring. Mostly when it comes to fishing. I have been planning certain fishing trips and outdoor adventures since the first of the year. Anxiously awaiting for the time to come. Then when the day finally arrives, the skies open up, and drench us in rain. Or, in many cases this Spring, bring out the dreaded wind. But, it always seems to happen on the weekends. Weekdays are usually bright and shiny. Just the weekends are when nature decides to be temperamental. Except for this past weekend, when it was gorgeous. But, the sunshine and warm temperatures unfortunately are short lived. This week is going to see cooler temperatures as well as a possible chance of SNOW.

Thats RIGHT!!!! SNOW!

According to KPAX

Snow showers will make a return to the mountains as well. In fact, a Winter Storm Watch has been issued for the mountains along the Rocky Mountain Front starting Wednesday night and continuing through Saturday. Snow could impact Marias, Rogers and MacDonald Passes during this time.

Leave it up to Montana, to live up to the stereotype of "if you don't like the weather, wait." 80 degree temperatures one day, and possible snow showers the next. One day its shorts and flip flops. The next day its snow shovels and boots.

Thankfully, the winter storm warning will only be along the Rocky Mountain Front, east of Missoula. But, with the precipitation forecasted and cooler temperatures, it wouldn't be surprising if that rain decided to freeze slightly and produce some flakes in the valley. Just be prepared.


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