The writing was on the wall. Or, at least, it was on the screen.

A judge in Taiwan has ruled a woman can divorce her husband because the man did not respond to her text messages.

Wow. And you thought breaking up via text was rough.

It's almost as hard to believe as the man who threatened to divorce his wife if she stopped working as a prostitute.

The wife has an app which shows that her texts had been read, but her hubby never replied, so the judge sided with her request for a divorce, saying the marriage couldn't be saved. They had gotten hitched in 2012.

And it's not just a few texts we're talking about, either. His refusal to reply went on for about six months and even included one instance where she tried to get in touch with him to say she was going to the hospital because she had been in a car crash.

The hubby finally responded a month or two later -- but only to ask about their dog and let her know there was mail waiting for her. It's unclear where each person had been living at the time. We're just guessing he ignored the texts because he didn't want to be cyber-nagged, which sounds like a term that should totally exist.

As you may imagine, the couple had other issues, including wrestling with financial matters. In addition, at some point they had lived with his family, who often set a cap on how long she could shower and how hot she could make the water.

The husband can appeal the divorce, but, considering he never showed up to court before in this matter, it seems unlikely he would follow through.

Moral of the story? Maybe it's better to actually call someone.

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