Getting married is every little girl's dream. A photo like this? Not usually.

A British couple has raised eyebrows by posting this raunchy photo taken on their wedding day on Facebook.

We're going to go out on a limb and say this was the first time the photographer has ever been asked to take a photo of the bride simulating oral sex on the groom. Pictures with the groomsmen? Sure. The parents? Of course. This, though, is probably way down the chain.

Groom Gareth Ferguson, 29, and his wife Toni Ferguson, 26, took the picture to do something "a bit different." Geez, couldn't they have just had him giving her a piggyback or something?

Gareth said the pictures were kept secret. "Nobody knew about it except the photographer, Matt Hodgson," he said. "He found it hilarious when we told him what we wanted before the big day – he loved it. We got all our 'normal' photos out the way and then when everyone else was being seated snuck off for this one."

Frankly, our biggest issue is that she's wearing white. We're not entirely sold on her being that pure.

The couple did receive some backlash, reports Toni. "People have told us it’s disgusting, that we’ve lost the plot or have missed what a wedding is supposed to be about. Some have even called it porn. You’d think they’d never seen a willy before."

Yeah, come on, people. Who hasn't gone to a wedding and seen the bride pleasuring her man? Stop being such a bride and ruining the sanctity of such a beautiful event.

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