It's finally happening - after a year and a half of not being able to see any live music, concerts are finally making a comeback. This weekend, Kettlehouse Amphitheater is set to kick off its summer concert season with three straight nights of shows featuring Brandi Carlile - but there is one thing at the Kettlehouse that's not quite up-and-running yet. (Don't worry, it's not the bathrooms.)

Normally, the Kettlehouse Amphitheater offers many of the same items you would find on the menu at the Top Hat at their concession stand (both are owned by Logjam Presents). However, because they haven't been able to find enough workers for the job, they won't be having that food available during the opening weekend. They'll instead be offering more traditional concessions like nachos or popcorn, but they're also allowing anyone attending the shows on July 2nd, 3rd, and 4th to bring in their own small snacks.

That's a pretty radical change, since the normal policy prohibits you from bringing in any outside food. They are still asking you to be reasonable - as in, don't bring in a grill or a cooler or anything like that. But this seems like a solid solution if they don't have full meals to offer quite yet.

You still won't be able to bring in any outside beverages, by the way - you'll have to head to the concession stand for those.

Kettlehouse also mentions in their Facebook post that they're working on getting back to their complete menu by July 17th. If you want info on any of their upcoming shows or details on how to by tickets, you can check out their website right here.

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