We are counting down the days to see just how many people really think it is a good idea to storm a government facility. When the "Storm Area 51" event page was created on Facebook, it began as a joke. But, some people took the joke a little too seriously, and now it appears people are still thinking about committing the raid on 9/20/19.

We REALLY hope nobody attempts the raid, or gets seriously hurt. After looking through some of the different discussions on the event page, it appears that a YouTube channel is planning to LIVE Stream the raid.

Hello everyone I own a live streaming satellite and I'm willing to use it to help with the document the events that take place on September 20 when the storm area 51 movement will be taking place. We will be filming what we will legally be allowed to film. Might put some area 51 meme compilations in here at some point not really sure. Hopefully we see some aliens ufos and what not as well. Here will will stream the Naruto area 51 raid live.

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