The very first episode of the Loudwire Podcast premieres on Aug. 11! Our inaugural guest is legendary axeman Zakk Wylde and to give you a taste of the full show, here’s a preview where Zakk recalls the time Ozzy Osbourne was forced to get a singing coach.

We spoke to Zakk for nearly an hour while recording our first podcast. The Black Label Society founder chatted with us about opening for Guns N’ Roses on Aug. 15, Axl Rose fronting AC/DC, some of Zakk’s funniest moments caught on film and much more!

He also joined us for the first edition of our podcast’s signature debate segment, ‘Rocker vs. Writer.’ In Episode One of the Loudwire Podcast, Zakk argued for the Ozzy years as Black Sabbath’s greatest era while Loudwire writer Joe DiVita defended the Ronnie James Dio years. We’ll be debating different topics with our guests during each podcast, so be sure to keep tuning in every other Thursday!

In this sneak listen of our podcast with Zakk, the guitar icon remembers the time Sharon Osbourne lobbied to get Ozzy a singing coach to improve the Prince of Darkness’ craft. The coach arrived at band practice to give Ozzy his first lesson, but needless to say, Ozzy’s first lesson was also the last. Allow Zakk to explain why in the clip above!

Episode One of the Loudwire Podcast will be available via Loudwire’s YouTube channel on Aug. 11! For all of Zakk Wylde's upcoming tour dates, including his opening slot for Guns N' Roses, click here.

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