Back in "Ye Ol' College Days," I learned one really important lesson:"DO NOT PASS OUT WITH YOUR SHOES ON!" That was the number one rule in my house. If you managed to somehow slip your sneakers off before taking an alcohol induced nap, you were off limits to punishment from the roommates.

But, if you did happen to not "mind your Ps and Qs" (from the English pub slang for "Mind your Pints and Quarts") and you somehow slipped into sleepy time, then you were "Fair Game."

I had one roomie, Brian, that swore to all things holy that he would never pass out without taking the proper precautions. Well, that didn't happen.

On a cold October night, we decided to have a "lil shindig." After a couple games of Beer Pong, a long losing streak of "Presidents and A$#oles" and a 12 ft. beer bong pull, Mr. "You'll Never Get Me," finally! We just so happened to have a drawer full of black and silver colored Sharpies. Fast forward a half hour or so, and we had his entire body (minus the "naughty bits") covered 50/50 black and silver. He was looking like a full on Oakland Raiders fan.

When we ran out of property to color we decided to call it quits. That was when Mr. "You Will Never Get Me's" girlfriend stepped in and volunteered to shave his "naughty bits." She felt he deserved it for not drinking responsibly.

When she finished his trim, she placed the scraps into an envelope and mailed them to him. The next day, Brian, woke up for an important family function. He spent over an hour in the shower and then used a little bit of paint thinner to clean himself up enough to be presentable.

A couple of chuckles were exchanged, but no hard feelings. However, a few days later when the mail arrived, that was when the meltdown occurred. The lesson to be learned: Know Your Limit! Drink Responsibly! Or you may make it on the following list.

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