Best Maternity Pics Ever
I’m not a huge fan of maternity pictures. I find it very uncomfortable when I go to someone’s house and there are mostly naked pictures of the woman plastered all over the walls to for everyone to see. I think it’s a bit bizarre that someone would want intimate pictures with everyo…
Caption It! Contest
Champion will be determined by your votes and we'll have something in store for them! Vote now!
Think You Are Funny – Caption it!
All right, you have all left weird comments on the pictures we have posted on our Blaze Facebook page, now I'm going to make it a regular thing! Every weekday I'll post a picture and you guys give me a caption for it.  Whoever has the most "likes" on their comment will have their smartasse…
4th Of July Pics, Win Rad Stuff
Nuthin' more boring than pictures of a fireworks show...unless of course your hot girlfriend and her BFF are making out in front of the display, or somebody in the background is barfing in the potato salad.