Think you're having a bad day? Imagine being in your car with a 9 and a 12 year old, in a lion enclosure, surrounded by twelve loins, then all of the sudden your car busts into flames.  Not wanting to be cooked in the oven on wheels, you and your family exit the burning vehicle. But then again, don't forget the lions which are standing only about a football field away from you.  I did the math and if a lion runs about 50 mph, at that distance it would take less than 5 seconds for it to reach you. On top of that, you have some park ranger yelling at you to get back in your flaming car.

This actually happened to a family in England. Don't worry, everyone got out OK. Some other lady and her whining kid caught it on tape. The funny thing is after you hear the woman and her child arguing, you can hear the man of the family asks "Are you recording that with audio?"