What a way to go out. There you are enjoying a casual lap dance with a stripper named "Bubbles," knowing you will never be able to get all the body glitter off your clothes. And BOOOOOOM! Your dead! Well that is what happened to a Texas man recently. According to guyspeed.com "in a report made by the El Paso County sheriff’s office, 67-year-old Robert Gene White was last seen alive getting a lap dance from some dancers (big spender!) at the Red Parrot strip club. The manager of the club told police that when it came time for White to pay the dancers he was unresponsive. That trick works?!?"

The man was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. Supposedly of natural causes. But reports say they are investigating further into the cause of death. My guess too much blood flow to the crot-chial region. Or maybe he was allergic to the stripper musk. Which, by the way, is a combination of Lysol and Bath and Body Works spray.