The extended forecast for Missoula is finally looking springy next week. Not so for some parts of the country. For instance, check this photo out from KVLY in Fargo earlier this week:

Spring my ass!

The whole northeast got nailed with a late storm, and even friends of mine in southern Ohio are bitching about cold weather. Because southern Ohioans are rather weak when it comes to weather, it should surprise none of us that Butler County, Ohio (just north of Cincinnati, which is just north of Kentucky) has indicted Punxsutawney Phil for falsely predicting an early spring. Ohioans don't f**k around when going after innocent, if wildly inaccurate, rodents: they're seeking the death penalty.

If you want to save Phil, join the brave few who've started up a Save Punxsutawney Phil Facebook page. If, however, you'd rather see Phil strike the purse-rug-pose, just give those southern Ohioans time . . . spring-loving militias and gun-toting crazies like them hills out there :-)