Metalheads are tough to buy for. I'm always polite upon recieving a new pair of Dockers from my folks, or a nice pair of slippers from my sister, but inside I die a little bit. The justification for such gifts usually revolves around one word: practical. Fine, I grant you that. But a little time spent on band websites reveals that practical can be metal too.
For instance: Check out this Iron Maiden Umbrella. Little numbers like this carry on an Iron Maiden holiday tradition that goes back decades, as evidenced by a vintage Maiden Christmas card recently selling for big $$ at auction.
Or how about this Black Label Society keg tapper? The thing pays for itself in saved keg-tapper rental fees (at least that's how I'd sell it...)
Got a family that likes to play games over the holiday? Monopoly is a favorite of mine. We've got the original version, the Family Guy version, and a Star Wars version. Do I need another one? No. Do I WANT this Metallica Monopoly game under my tree this year. Hells YES! Is Metallica getting as bad as KISS at putting a logo on damn near everything? Again I answer in the affirmative, but what the hell . . . it's Christmas.