You have heard a lot about a "Zombie Apocalypse" lately. Ever since the guy eating another guy's face in Miami, we have seen story after story of similar issues happen all over the country. The police try and blame it on people trippin on bath salts. But could it actually be a sign of "Zombies?" If not, then why has the CDC and now Military planned training for just for a possible Zombie Apocalypse?

According to the Huffington Post and Military Times "Security firm HALO Corp. announced yesterday that about 1,000 military personnel, police officials, medical experts and federal workers will learn the ins and outs of a zombie apocalypse. Visitors will learn to deal with a worldwide pandemic, where people become crazy, violent and fearful. Zombies will roam the summit grounds in San Diego, Calif. harassing troops and first-aid teams that will be participating."

I understand that it is better to be prepared for whatever may happen, but the thought of the Military actually training police on how to deal with a zombie apocalypse is frightening.