My future ex-wife, Lzzy Hale, hasn't been returning my phone calls lately. Supposedly she has a crush on Corey Taylor and it is eating me up inside. What do I have that that a-hole doesn't? Well, other than a laundry list of kick-assery. But still...What the s#!t? As Llyod Christmas says in the movie Dumb and Dumber " Whats with all that one in a million talk?"


Either way, good news! Halestorm has a new album set to be released this spring. The new album, that we now know is titled ‘The Strange Case Of…’ isn’t out until April 10, but as a precursor to the big day, the band released a four song EP they’re calling ‘Hello, It’s Mz. Hyde,’ which you can download here. According to "Frontwoman Lzzy Hale introduced the EP to fans herself, saying, “This small collection of songs is your introduction to darkest parts of me, and also the softest pieces of me.” She continued, with, “It’s taken me most of my life to be comfortable letting both sides co-exist. And as I stand naked before you, that time is now. This is the first taste of a strange case to come. So without further ado…”

If you missed the debut of the new Halestorm track "Love bites(So do I)" on today's show. Check out the following video that features 4 new tracks from the upcoming album.