As Mothers' Day approaches I celebrate the fine lady that brought me into this world (and has threatened to take me out of it... multiple times).  But for those of us without the little rug-rats, start counting your blessings.

A lot of my friends have popped out a kid or two in the last few years and I hope they are pampered come Sunday, but me personally, I'm holding off as long as I can.  There is too much fun, irresponsible, and dumb things to do before I make a mini me!  With that in mind, I have to give mad props to my mommy. After all the stuff that my little bro and I put that woman through? Lets just say if it was me and not my mom trying to raise two hellions... you would see a post on Craigslist entitled "Free Kids to Good Home."

For all us "Not a Moms" out there.... think of  the fun times you're NOT going to miss out on.  You think tickets for a good concert are expensive now? Tack on the price of a babysitter and that cute Lamb of God onesie you wanna bring home for your little one.  So until locking your kid in a crate with food and water does not merit a visit from Child Protective Services, enjoy these (I love condom commercials):