There you are laying in bed, surfing through Netflix for a movie.  You don't want anything so interesting or action packed that will keep you up, but you don't want some dull indie think piece that will make you any more bored than you already are. This is when you go for something that you have already seen or a new movie you are not too invested in.  Then you see it, Sharknado.

I talked about the movie Sharknado earlier this morning.  I thought "the title says cheesy, but sharks and tornados together? I have to see this!" There were plenty of sharks spinning around in twisters, but as far as any sort of thriller, horror, or suspense, forget it (though you might manage a couple laughs). And who doesn't want to see Tara Reid playing the role of someone's mother? I did watch the full hour and a half, so maybe I was being a little hard on it... Then I found others shared my opinion.