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Man Dies After Shooting at Missoula Club
One man is dead after a shooting outside a Missoula club.
"Initially, witnesses have stated that a confrontation began in the parking lot at that location; a confrontation that quickly became physical as one male began assaulting the other through the open driver’s side windo…
Fundraisers For Missoula Avalanche Victims
On Friday, February 28, an avalanche destroyed two homes in lower Rattlesnake. A man, a single mother and her 10-year-old daughter were able to escape, but their fourth family member, 8-year-old Phoenix Scoles, was trapped for 45 minutes before being rescued.
What Do You Think About Missoula’s New Cellphone Ban?
The new cellphone-while-driving ban is now in effect in Missoula. People who are caught using a cellphone while driving will receive a warning until February 3, 2013. Beyond that date, tickets will be issued for anyone pulled over for being on his or her cellphone. We want to know what you think abo…
VP Foley Speaks on COT and UM Golf Course [AUDIO]
University of Montana Vice President for External Relations Jim Foley made it clear beyond the shadow of a doubt on Monday that if and when the Montana state legislature allocates monies to relocate the College of Technology, it will be placed on the South Campus, site of the present University of M…
Stamp Out Hunger This Saturday [AUDIO]
On Saturday,  May 12, 2012, Campbell Soup Company will join forces with the National
Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) to help Stamp Out Hunger in Montana
and across the country.  Now in its 20th year, the annual food drive
has grown from a regional to a national effort that provides assi…
How Fat is Missoula? [Poll]
Currently, one out of every three Americans is obese (or 35.6% to be precise) and the most recent expert projection claims that 42% of the country will be obese by the year 2030. Most of the studies done to track obesity are performed by the Center for Disease Control and are done by calling people …

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