Missoula Osprey Looking for Bat Boys or Girls
I can't believe it, it's almost time for the Missoula Osrey to kick off their season. Home opener is set for Wednesday, June, 24th! Even better news, you could get paid to be at the games. The Missoula Osprey are searching for very enthusiastic bat boys and girls to work this season at Ogr…
Want to do Something Fun? Go to a Missoula Osprey Game!
I’m not a huge baseball fan. In fact, I probably couldn’t name more than two professional baseball teams. (Yankees, Red Sox…ummmm….)
Even though I couldn’t care less about what those guys on ESPN SportsCenter have to say about home runs and fast balls, I have to say, w…
Least Worst Results
Reading your answers to the Blaze Least Worst poll confirmed what we already knew...you guys are THE biggest smart asses we know.