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Reel Big Fish in Missoula Interview
Reel Big Fish hit The Wilma theater this Sunday night and their trumpet player, Johnny Christmas, called in to my show this afternoon to let you know what they have in store.
Who is Playing With Reel Big Fish in Missoula?
I know you all are super stoked to see Reel Big Fish, but how much do you know about the other bands playing that night? Let me introduce you to The Maxies, The Mighty Mongo, and Suburban Legends.
The Maxies
Slightly off center and invading from Greenland The Maxies will be at the Wilma Sunday night..…
Reel Big Fish Live at the Wilma Theatre in Missoula [CONCERT]
Reel Big Fish are set to bring the "Don't Stop Skankin Tour," to Missoula. What's skankin? The definition from Urban Dictionary is - The bizarre, wild dance done to the music known as Ska. Unskilled skankers are sometimes mistaken for seizure victims.
Reel Big Fish in Missoula [PHOTOS]
The recent Reel Big Fish show at the Wilma Theatre was a refreshing show to say the least.Not just because of the multiple "Twisted Tea races," but it was just an all around FUN show. To help us piece together what happened last night, we are glad we caught some photos, including t…
Gonna “Party Down” With Reel Big Fish Tonight [VIDEO]
Reel Big Fish hits the stage at the Wilma Theatre tonight (10/24). Anyone looking for a fun show is required to be there. Tickets are still on sale at Rockin Rudy's or here. In a recent interview with RBF's drummer, Ryland Steen, he explained that a Reel Big Fish show is like a "punch in the mo…
Reel Big Fish’s Ryland Steen [INTERVIEW]
Some say that ska music has died. That is far from the truth. Ryland Steen, drummer for Reel Big Fish, called into the SCKC show to talk about the future of ska and the Reel Big Fish concert at The Wilma Theatre.
Reel Big Fish “Take On me” (Cover) – Vidiot
The buzz is growing for the upcoming Reel Big Fish show. We will have a good ol' Ska show in town in less than a week. RBF takes the stage at the Wilma Theatre Wednesday the 24th. For today's featured video, I chose a video off of the soundtrack to the 1998 movies "Baseketball.&am…
Reel Big Fish in Missoula
Aaron Barrett and his brothers in punk are coming to Missoula. One of the crown jewels of the "3rd wave" of ska that hit in the late 90's. Reel Big Fish take the stage at the Wilma Theatre Wednesday October 24th.
J.C.’s iSIDE – Reel Big Fish
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I first saw these guys a couple years ago at Warped Tour at the Gorge in Washington (still miffed about Warped Tour not being there this year).  But good news...
Reel Big Fish “Beer” – Vidiot
The Blaze Easter Keg is still out there. This could be your year to find it and score FREE BEER for a year. So far there are a total of 6 clues that have been released. 4 of them you can find here. The other 2 you need to find at The Lucky Strike...