A teenager said that if he could get 420 retweets, he would have sex with a Hot Pocket.Naturally, he got the required number of retweets and promptly posted a video on Vine proving that he did, indeed, bone a cooked ham and cheese Hot Pocket. But it was quickly removed and his account was suspended.


The 18-year-old's name has not been revealed, he's only known by his Twitter handle @VERSACEPOPTARTS or Thot Pocket, or as his mother calls him The Hot Pocket F**cker Who Lives In My Basement. He says that the pocket was too hot at first so he put it in the fridge while he grabbed a condom. He says he definitely recommends the condom, otherwise it's too hot and when asked if he thinks others should plow into a Hot Pocket he says "I would definitely recommend it."

This is not Thot Pocket's first sexual encounter with food. His first stunt was to pork a box of Pop Tarts. He is still banned from Twitter.