I have been trying to convince myself NOT to grow my hunting beard. Do just like I have done in the past and stop shaving until Christmas. It just seems a little excessive until the temperatures start to drop.Turns out a recent study shows that beards make people look ten years older.

According to Dailymail

When members of the public were shown photographs of celebrities with and without beards, they believed that facial hair made them look an average of five years older.


A panel was shown pictures of celebrities like Prince William, David Beckham Jude Law, George Clooney and Brad Pitt with and without a beard.


On average, the panel said the stars looked five years older – and sometimes as much as eight years older - when they had a beard.


The research also showed that the longer the beard, the more years it puts on a man.


The only stars whose beards were said to have made them look younger were Hollywood actors Ben Affleck and Hugh Jackman.