The video game market is white hot as technology reaches new heights, stories become deeper and reasons to go outside are limited to getting in line to buy the newest video game.

However, just because you’ve secured a deal to release your game on the XBox 360 or the PS3 doesn’t mean game-heads are going to flock to it like zombies with more money than sense. Here’s some reasons why your contribution to the pixelated arts didn’t break even.

1. Titles based on movies usually don’t sell big, but one called “Brokeback Mountain: The Game” never had a chance.

2. You created a full-motion game for the Kinect called “Ultimate Hernia Checker.”

3. Your Rock Band expansion pack only had songs by Nickelback and Creed.

4. The wartime shooter you created was called “Call of Duty: Grenada Warfare.”

5. Your educational game rewarded kids who correctly solve math problems with some awesome autopsy photos.

6. The plumber that starred in your game has to save a princess by snaking a clogged toilet.

7. The only “Angry Birds” in your game were all of Donald Trump’s ex-wives.

8. The characters in your two-person fighting game just feature married couples arguing about how neither meets each other’s needs anymore.

9. The hard-drinking, babe-hounding, alien disemboweling hero was voiced by Harvey Fierstein.

10. You made an Aquaman game.

11. The goal of your game was to get a girlfriend.

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