We were just talking last week about the Roxy Theater reflecting on having been closed for a full year thanks to COVID, and how they're looking forward to the "not-so-distant" day when they're able to reopen their doors. Over the past year, The Roxy has continued to put on their usual film festivals as virtual events, so this news is the biggest sign we've had yet that things are slowly but surely returning to normal.

This year's International Wildlife Film Festival - which went fully virtual last year - will act as their first-ever hybrid festival. What that means is that the event will be available online, but the plan is to ALSO have outdoor screenings and events for many of the films at various locations throughout Missoula, including the Roxy Garden, Caras Park, and even a screening on the scoreboard at Ogren Park, like how Centerfield Cinema worked last summer.

The International Wildlife Film Festival for 2021 will run almost a full month, from April 17th to May 15th, and tickets and festival passes will be available beginning on April 1st. This is one of the Roxy's most popular events ever year, so it's exciting to see them be able to start bringing some crowds back to it. And hopefully this is a sign that we'll be getting back to the Roxy for more events sooner rather than later.

Think you'll be checking out the International Wildlife Film Festival this year? You can browse through their schedule and buy tickets when they become available over at their website.

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