Catch a fish and win some cash. Sounds like my kind of fishing. The Spring Mack days are happening now on Flathead Lake. It is an effort for the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CKST) to lower the numbers of non-native lake trout that are overtaking the lake. This has been an ongoing effort by the tribes for years. Their goal is to have anglers try and pull as many fish as possible out of the lake in hopes of making room for the native cutthroat trout to thrive.

Awards for anglers who catch lake trout.

No matter what size of fish you catch, you could win $10,000. As multiple tagged fish are currently swimming in Flathead Lake, each tagged fish has a different denomination that coincides with the tag. The fish could be worth anywhere from $100 to $10,000.

Just last Fall, a couple was lucky enough to land a $10,000 trout, a fish known only as "Freddy Mack."

According to a post from our very own Denny Bedard

The couple was close to calling it quits for the day last week, and were heading in to Blue Bay, fishing in about 80 feet of water, when Terry landed an 18-inch lake trout to wrap up the day. In the world of lake trout, that size is hardly noteworthy, but a clipped adipose fin was.

Mack Days continue thru May 15th

According to the Cindy from the Mack Days (via

The largest fish weight so far in the event went up to 25.25lbs. with a lake trout turned in by Jade Smith of Charlo on Saturday.

That's a big fish! Remember, any fish regardless of size could win big bucks. So get your rod and reel ready for some fun on Flathead Lake.

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