Like me, I'm sure you're "entertainment" budget has been slowly dwindling away in Missoula with the high prices of *gestures broadly at everything. But what if I told you that this Sunday the 27th, you can catch a ton of great movies for super cheap?

Does anyone else in Missoula remember the Dollar Theatre? The little run-down Cinema that was (If I remember correctly) located right where Hu Hot stands today? They would take all the movies that just left the big theatres and show them on Sundays for a whopping one dollar. As a poor twenty-something in Missoula, this was awesome.

Now when you go to a movie, even just by yourself, you're in at least $30 after tickets, popcorn, etc. With the rising costs of living in Zootown, it's hard to get out and see a new flick when you're on a budget. For one day, however, that all changes.

National Cinema Day is back!

This is the one day a year that participating movie theatres across the country lower their stub prices substantially.  On Sunday, August 27th, you can see pretty much any movie in theatres for $4! Yes, that means the new Barbie Movie, Oppenheimer, Gran Turismo, Strays, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Mario Brothers, The New Mission Impossible, and more!

Both of our Missoula AMC Theatres will be participating, including the AMC Southgate 9 in the mall, and the AMC Classic on North Reserve.

I just did a test run of pre-ordering my tickets online and it's all good to go, but with these prices, I wouldn't wait until Sunday. Chances are there will be some sold-out shows, so I would definitely pre-order via the link above.

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