As a homegrown Missoulian, I can say, hands down, that my favorite ice cream cone of all time was the orange sherbet twist at Big Sky Drive In on Broadway. They had great cheeseburgers too, I sure do miss driving through there on summer nights. The good news is, there are still some really fun places to get your frozen fix in Missoula.

Just in time for summer, in no particular order.

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    Big Dipper

    As I was just pointing out to an out of town relative, no matter what time you drive by Big Dipper, there's a line. And that's not a bad thing, being in line and running into people you know is half the fun.

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    Dairy Queen

    A legendary Missoula staple, DQ not only has great treats, they are also pet friendly. They have locations in the Southgate Mall and on North Reserve but I recommend the Higgins street location where, once again, the people you see in line is half the fun.

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    U Swirl

    U Swirl Frozen Yogurt is in the Russell Square shopping center, just north of 39th near Alberton's and the Staggering Ox. Kids love the self serve and more than 60 topping choices.

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    Sweet Peaks

    Sweet Peaks Ice Cream is kind of a hidden gem in downtown Missoula at 420 Higgins. I say hidden gem because you don't hear about them much, but their treats are outstanding as they use fresh local produce for their ice cream and sorbet.

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    Cold Stone

    You can find Cold Stone Creamery in the Grant Creek Town Center on North Reserve. Ordering there is a full on experience of design-your-own creations that are hand-mixed on a granite slab.

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