It seems like the world has gone crazy with a zombie fad. TV shows, movies and huge zombie walks. Heck, there are a few zombie flash-mob videos that went viral, proving that it's not just the "Thriller" zombies that can bust a move. It seems like everyone is eager to jump on the zombie train.

The Mayhem Festival and 96.3 The Blaze are no exception. This year the Mayhem Festival will be feature Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon and course Rob Zombie in Saratoga, NY and we want to get you there.

This got me thinking, how much Rob Zombie actually has in common with a zombie.



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    Re-Inventing the Zombie

    Zombies. What are they really? Science gone wrong, biological warfare gone too far, or maybe just the aftermath of a vicious viral disease. Any way you slice it, the zombie as we know it is ever evolving just like Rob Zombie himself. Rob got his start in the band White Zombie, named after a 1932 zombie movie. Since then, he's moved on to producing soundtracks for movies and television, and directing his own thriller movies. Rob Zombie has found new ways to evolve and exist, just like our skull-munching living dead.

    Photo Courtesy of IMDB
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    Have Shoes, Will Travel

    Zombies aren't known for their sense of style. Generally, what ever they died in, they walk in. Rob is guilty of this too. Apparently, he has a pair of boots that he's owned for 20 years and still wears.

    Photo Courtesy of Facebook
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    If It Walks Like a Zombie, Moans Like a Zombie, It Might Be Rob Zombie

    Remember that guy from Florida a few months ago that ate a hobo's face? The media referred to it as the Zombie Apocalypse, which would be a great film title. Well, I'm going to go out on a limb (maybe the left arm specifically) and say if a movie is made about that, call up Rob Zombie and cover him in blood and guts. Bam. You've got the perfect Rob Zombie...zombie.


    Photo Courtesy of Frazer Harrison/Getty Images
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    Brains It's What's for Dinner

    Well, Blaze fans, I hate to tell you, but when it comes to things that Rob Zombie and zombies have in common, it stops with their diet. Rob is a long time vegetarian, and that kind of bites. I'm going to stick my neck out, safely, and say that brains aren't part of his diet.

    Photo Courtesy of Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images
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    A Blood Bath on Broadway