My sister and I always knew one thing about going to our grandma's house when we were younger - we would end up watching our fair share of game shows on tv. There was Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune, that's a given, but also a few that were on during the middle of the day before soap operas came on. One of those daytime game shows was the one I loved playing along with -Classic Concentration! When I was young I'm pretty sure I had appearing on the show listed as one of the things I needed to accomplish in my adult life. Do you remember the show? Over the years there was various forms of Concentration, a matching game that would reveal word/picture puzzles that you would solve to win prizes. Classic Concentration was the last incarnation of the show and it was hosted by Alex Trabek.

I didn't quite fulfilled my dream of being on the show - mostly because it went off the air when I was 12 - but I've heard rumors over the years that they might bring it back, so never say never.

But I saw this pretty cool story about a Montana contestant appearing on Wheel of Fortune this week. Jerome Smith lives in Los Angeles now, but he graduated from high school in Helena and his parents still live there. The show was recorded back in October but just aired last night and featured the Helena native scoring some cash and prizes. An all-expenses-paid Caribbean vacation and about $11,000 isn't too shabby for a night of work.

Jerome even got to play the bonus round but didn't end up winning. That's a bummer but I'm guessing he won't stew over it too much while he's sipping on drinks during his trip to Antigua.

Read more details about Jerome's appearance on Wheel of Fortune, including the fact that the contestants couldn't actually touch the wheel because of COVID-19, HERE.

Alright, now let's get to the fun stuff! Play along with this episode of Classic Concentration and see if you can solve the puzzles! Just try not to laugh too hard at the clothes, some of the outdated prizes, or the fabulous cars that were all the rage at the time.

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