As the temperatures begin to rise, and the sun hits your face, the summer vibes are beginning to kick in. Before you know it, we will be crying about how fast summer came and went. And when that happens, what better way to celebrate the end of summer than with a good old-fashioned barbecue? It has been a time-honored summer tradition to fire up the grill and cremate some food. Another time-honored summer tradition is to kick back and drink adult beverages. That is why the geniuses at BFK Presents are combining both traditions into one kickass festival.

Saturday, September 10th, the BBQ and Whiskey Fest is set to takeover Caras Park.

The festival will center around whiskey tastings and BBQ trucks. But, you obviously cannot have all these things we love and not include LIVE MUSIC. The BBQ and Whiskey fest will include not one, but FOUR talented live performances from bands like:

Kyle Hunter Band
Levi Blom
Cory Fay & The Good Goddam
Jaden Decker

$15 for Cup and 3 drink tokens
$10 for additional 3 tokens

Free to attend
All ages

Just picture it all now: a day filled with sticky pork ribs, chased with a smooth whiskey poured on top of a glass of ice, brisket sandwiches and a sip of a smooth Canadian or bourbon. Maybe munching on a chicken leg to calm your buzz enough for another scotch? Needless to say, Saturday, September 10th will be a day you will absolutely NOT want to wear a white shirt or fancy pants. Things are going to get deliciously messy.

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