We are nearly halfway to Halloween which is more than enough reason to dive into the spirit world. Sitting in a dark room, listening intently for the slightest "bump in the night," ghost hunting season is not only for October, it is a year-round deal.

Gunslinger Gulch is featured on Travel Channel's "Ghost Town Terror."

If you haven't heard of Gunslinger Gulch, you probably haven't watched much TV in the last few months. Just recently, this Montana ghost town near Anaconda was featured in a paranormal series called "Ghost Town Terror."

According to Travel Channel

When a Seattle family moves to a ghost town in Montana, they quickly realize they are not alone. Fearful that paranormal activity will derail plans to operate a guest ranch, they call in Tim Wood and Sapphire Sandalo to uncover the source of the haunting.

You can watch the series now on the Travel Channel, as it is currently near the end of the season.

Who wants to do a REAL paranormal investigation?

If you are a fan of the show, or just fascinated with the paranormal, Gunslinger Gulch is offering up a great opportunity. Gunslinger Gulch is now offering overnight paranormal investigations of the property.

It's happening on May 27th near Anaconda. The price is $130 per person, and tickets are limited. Your night will begin with dinner (pizza party) at 7 pm, followed by equipment training from professional paranormal investigators. Then you will join the investigations until 2 am.

If you are interested, simply message Gunslinger Gulch on Facebook, or visit their website for tickets.

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