I can remember the first time I threw an axe. I was at a house party and a friend handed me an axe. I was a little taken aback, thinking to myself, "What does this guy expect me to do with this? Cut more firewood?" Then he takes me over to the lane they had built specifically for throwing the axe. Granted, I didn't think it was the safest activity to do while at a party that was also holding a beer pong tournament and the occasional keg stand. But I gave it a shot anyways. My first throw was a dead-on bullseye, and I was immediately hooked.

There is something primitive about heaving an axe at a target.

Axe throwing has become more and more popular over the last few years, becoming something that people can do indoors that doesn't involve bowling balls or pool sticks. Axe-throwing companies have been popping up all over Montana, which, from my personal experience, make for great date night activities. In fact, one soon-to-be-married couple out of Billings makes a great team. So much so that they are going to show off their skills on the world stage.

According to KXLF

“Biggest thing for me is we get to go represent the home state and the home community down at worlds this year,” Nick Richardson, co-owner of Öx Indoor Axe Throwing, said Sunday.

Richardson and Sara Guralnick, who also works at Öx, are the axe throwing duo that will be heading to Appleton, Wis. to compete in the televised world championship Dec. 1-4.


You can watch the WATL Championship on ESPN Dec 1-4th, as our Montana team aims to compete for a $50,000 prize pool.

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