How does the saying go? "Aint no laws when you ARE drinking White Claws."

I guess that means breaking and entering and robbery.

We recently heard of a black bear breaking into a family's home near Bozeman.

According to a recent article from Derek Wolf in Bozeman

The owners of the house were first alerted when they awoke to the bear staring at them through a window next to their bed, of course, that was before he let himself into the downstairs part of the home and got comfortable. He started off with an appetizer that included a whole stick of butter, then moved on to the main course of a couple of bags of chips, bread, and all of the cat food.  He ended his feast by eating hand soap.

Montana is not the only place where you need to worry about this kind of thing happening. Even though we are no strangers to bear encounters, it appears you have to be "bear aware" no matter where you go.

A family in Florida recently had an encounter with a thirsty three-legged bear they call "Tripod."

According to WESH in Florida

Josaury Faneite-Diglio said she received a security camera notification and saw on her camera that Tripod was paying a visit to their Magnolia Plantation home around 5 p.m. on Sunday. "He ate the fish food we had outside next to our fish tank and then proceeded to the bar," Faneite-Diglio told WESH. "He took three White Claws, drank, and left very happy. His favorite flavor is mango and strawberry."

As bears start preparing for their long winter nap they are searching harder than ever for high-calorie meals. But, last we checked White Claws only had 100 calories per 12-ounce can. Maybe the bears should focus on some local microbrews instead.

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