Have you ever seen a reindeer in the wild? Maybe you have seen a caribou? Well, they are the same thing. In Europe, they refer to them as reindeer. But, here in North America, we call them caribou. And there is a slim possibility you may run into one while traveling around Northwest Montana.

According to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks regional staff documented sightings of woodland caribou near the U.S.-Canada border. Caribou, members of the deer family, are native to northwest Montana but have almost completely disappeared from the contiguous United States over the last half-century. Woodland caribou herds once stretched from central British Columbia to Idaho, Montana, and Washington.

Even though we may not have many reindeer here in Montana,  we do have plenty of mule deer. But, can mule deer harness the magical ability to fly to the North Pole to deliver a message to Santa?  An adorable little girl in Colorado BELIEVES they can.

In a video that went viral a few years ago, a beautiful mule deer buck happened to set off the Pikul family's RING Video Doorbell sensor. Justin Pikul decided that he and his daughter would have a little chat with the deer via the device's built-in intercom. The little girl decided that this was her chance to get a last-minute message off to Santa, to let him know that she had been "good."

It is probably safe to say that Santa got the message. Whether the giant buck made the trip north or not.

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